March Series - Splits and Backbends

About This Summit

In this monthly series we will work on flexibility, strength and backbends.
We will meet 3 times a week for 3 different format’ classes.
Format #1 will be Core - Strength and Drills flow.
Format #2 will be a Flexibility and Backbends flow
Format #3 will be a creating space slow flow format.

We will work on many different backbends and on splits.

Classes are all levels.

All classes are recorded.
You can join live or practice when you prefer via recording.

The recordings will be yours forever.

Total of classes 11.
Starts Mae h 6th, 2023
Sessions in this Summit
  • Liquid Spine flow - fitqueenirene insides flow
  • Pilates flow - shoulders and arms
  • Flexible Spine - Wheel Pose
  • Creating Space wheel pose
  • Vinyasa Flow - hips and shoulders
  • Vinyasa flow for backbends
  • Creating Space - cheat and shoulders slow flow
  • Heart source - shoulders and chest flexibility
  • Slow into Power
  • Hips and shoulders flow + drills
  • Splits and Flexibility Flow
  • Dancer pose Flow
  • Yin to Vin flow split edition

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