Managing Editor LIVE Fall Summit 2022: In Demand

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Being in demand starts with attraction - that magnetic pull that draws others in towards you. But attraction alone won’t sustain you. Trust, connection and shared experience are key. Cake helps.

Join us for the fall 2022 edition of Managing Editor LIVE where our eclectic lineup of leaders and change-makers in content marketing and brand journalism will share their experiences tapping into these core human desires to cultivate brands that are truly in demand.

Register now for this half-day virtual event for the opportunity to:

• Learn how to spark genuine connection and trust in your audience through the power of storytelling.
• Connect and collaborate with your peers on the front lines of content marketing and brand journalism.
• Contribute to the advancement of content marketing as a profession.

This event is sponsored by, an experience marketing platform that helps businesses generate leads, increase sales velocity, and retain happy customers.
Watch On Demand!
  • with Viola Eva
    Decoding the SEO Success Secrets of BambooHR
    Create SEO that's transparent, easy to understand and even easier to replicate.
  • with Leslie T. Grover, Ph.D.
    Demanding Change Through Storytelling
    Keynote answering your questions about storytelling & cause-driven marketing.
  • with Julie Kuepers, Clare Morin, Benn...
    Panel: What Does It Mean to Be In Demand?
    Learn how to generate demand while meeting other people’s fast-paced needs.
  • with Ashley Blackburn
    Workshop: Use Your Whole Brain to Ignite Demand
    Harness the power of Whole Brain Thinking to create connection and demand.
  • with Paul Chaney & Arnelle Pierre-Louis
    Content Therapy LIVE
    Revisit questions from this year's Content Therapy so far, and bring your own!