Makino's International Aerospace Forum
Boosting machine performance through intelligent software and automation
Preparation is everything!

The aerospace industry is not in the best position of the last years, but with the start of the end of COVID era, manufacturers are looking to prepare themselves for the new normal of Aerospace.

How is the market going to evolve? What are the key technologies that can help you outstand once the situation improves? How to automate complex processes? What can Makino offers to their end-users?

During the four days, we will cover different topics which will let producers overcome their competitors in the future.
This Forum Has 4 Sections
  • Market and new technologies
    How is aerospace market evolving? Learn about new normal in aerospace and some of the tools to be prepared for the new situation
  • News and automation
    During this day we will hear about Makino latest products, automation and how to integrate complex automation projects.
  • Engine day 1: News and blade machining
    Makino's latest products for aeroengine components will be presented during the session. After that we will go in detail on the new 0.4 mm wire process and round up the day with all manufacturing process on the blade: Grinding, milling and EDMing
  • Engine day 2: Software and blisk machining
    During this session we will focus on how to optmize the milling processes before going to the machine and we will analize best practices for blisk machining.
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