Logos Deep Dives

About This Series

In this 12-webinar series, Scott Lindsey dives into Logos tools and themes to answer the questions we get asked most often. If you’ve been eyeing Logos for a while and aren’t quite ready to jump in yet, this webinar series was custom built for you. Each week, the legendary Scott Lindsey will dive into different Bible study tools and themes to answer the questions we get asked most often.

You can tune in for all twelve webinars or pick the ones that look most interesting to you. As a bonus, we’ll be giving a free book to the first 2,500 people to register for each webinar.

Click through to the registration pages below to learn more, see the free book, and register. You must register for each webinar individually. Happy deep diving!

Sessions in this Series
  • The Top 5 Logos 10 Features You Can’t Miss
    Take a closer look at the five Logos 10 features people love the most.
  • So Long, Google! The Power of Factbook for Bible Study
    Learn how the Factbook feature in the Logos app pairs with trusted resources to deliver powerful results.
  • Dig Accurately & Deeply: Passage & Exegetical Guides
    Search your entire Logos (and print) library in an instant to find relevant commentaries, books, sermons, illustrations, and more.
  • Find Fresh Insights Fast: The Topic and Theology Guides
    Curious how different denominations approach a concept? Want to study the Bible topically? Easy peasy with Logos.
  • Study Like a Pro with Step-by-Step Workflows
    Ever wonder how your favorite preacher approaches sermon writing or exegesis? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore.
  • How to Mine for Gold Hidden in Your Print Library
    What if you could search those print books collecting dust on your bookshelf in an instant? Well, now you can. Register for this webi... View more
  • How to Save All Your Favorite Things in a Custom Layout
    The Logos app can feel overwhelming to newbies. Learn how to use Logos Layouts and make it your own by creating a custom layout.
  • See the Big Picture of the Bible: The NEW Advanced Timeline
    Learn how to explore the Bible in its historical context. Line up which events happened when, and filter your results.
  • Make Sermon Prep Simpler: Sermon Manager and Sermon Builder
    If you’re still using Word, Pages, or Google Docs to write and organize your sermons, you’re missing out.
  • Turn Sermons & Quotes into Shareable Designs (without Designing Anything)
    Create beautiful, professional slides, illustrations, social media graphics, and more with a few simple clicks.
  • Customize It: Collections, Favorites, and History
    Build collections of your favorite resources, organize favorites into folders, and more. Make the Logos app your own.
  • Bypass Original Language Barriers: Advanced Greek & Hebrew Tools
    The Logos app has a pile of tools to help you quickly and accurately interpret the text, no matter what language it’s in.