IUL Declassified May 19-20, 2021
About This Training
Gather more assets and grow your practice with IUL Declassified.

Are you helping clients take advantage of the current tax environment? Advisors who’ve implemented the IUL Declassified strategy have consistently driven six-figure growth with this new approach on taxes. It’s time to discover IUL Declassified.

Target an underserved market who’s thirsty for information and drive immediate results. Increase the long-term value of your clients and prospect a younger generation—from 45 to 70 years of age.

Someone’s paying for the $2 trillion that was just handed out. Do your clients have a strategy to ensure they’re not paying the IRS more than their fair share? Learn how to prevent this with IUL Declassified.

Webinars in this Series
  • Solving your clients’ pain and prospecting with today’s IUL story and group disc
    IUL Declassified May 19, 2021 Session #1
  • Evaluating your client’s tax, income and risk while overcoming objections.
    IUL Declassified May 20, 2021 Session #2