Simplifying ITS Networking Series

About This Series

We understand that networking can be a challenge and most of the time there is just way too much information to learn in a single day. In an effort to make the learning process quick, fun, and easy we are offering a series of educational courses that promise to:

• Enhance your knowledge in networking products by providing you relatable concepts that are easy to understand.

• Provide you tips and tricks to optimize and secure your existing network and allow for future growth.

• Help give you recommendations on different solutions that are available today to answer your daily challenges.

EtherWAN is bringing our networking training to you! Tune in from the comfort of your home for a different networking topic every week. Brush up on your existing knowledge or learn some new skills from our team of certified Network Engineers.
Sessions in this Series
  • Thursday, Sept. 10th @ 10AM - 11AM
    The Two Types of Ethernet Switches: How Do I Choose?
  • Thursday, Sept. 17th @ 10AM - 11AM
    How to Build Modern Networks From Your Old Existing Infrastructure
  • Thursday, Sept. 24th @ 10AM - 11AM
    5 Things You Need to Know About Wireless and Cellular
  • Thursday, Oct. 1st @ 10AM - 11AM
    The Fundamentals of PoE
  • Thursday, Oct. 8th @ 10AM - 11AM
    Causes for Communication Drops and Poor Video Feed
  • Thursday, Oct. 15th @ 10AM - 11AM
    Vulnerabilities in Your ITS Network + How to Secure Them
  • Thursday, Oct. 22nd @ 10AM - 11AM
    Top 5 Things to Consider When Designing Networks
  • Thursday, Oct. 29th @ 10AM - 11AM
    Why Do I Need a Layer 3 Switch?

Join us for the Series!