Investments & Tax Planning

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The schedule of webinars are as follows:

Thursday, July 6th
1:00pm – “Tax Planning for the Moderate Client” (1 IRS/NASBA CPE Credit)
AJ Reynolds, EA

Friday, July 7th
1:00pm - "Reporting 1099-K, C & A on Form 1040" (2 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits)
Randy Adams, EA, MSA

A series within a series on
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 11th & 12th, 1:00pm - 5:00pm - "Investment Income Mini-Series" (8 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits)
Amy Wall, EA

Tuesday, July 18th
1:00pm - "Billy Joel & IRC 368(a)(f)" (2 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits)
John Sheeley, EA
3:00pm - "Taxation of Employee Stock Plans" (2 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits)
Michael Tullio, EA

Wednesday, July 19th
1:00pm - "Reporting Retirement Income & Distributions" (2 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits)
Randy Adams, EA, MSA
3:30pm - "Federal PTET (Before you get sued!) " (2 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits)
Jane Ryder, EA, CPA

Thursday, July 20th
1:00pm - "Georgia PTET" (1 NASBA CPE Credit)
Michael Garrison, EA
3:30pm - "California PTET" (1 NASBA CPE Credit)
Jane Ryder, EA, CPA

Tuesday, July 25th
1:00pm - "Minnesota PTET" (1 NASBA CPE CREDIT)
Portia Vogt, EA

Wednesday, July 26th
3:00pm - "Oregon PTET (1 NASBA CPE Credit)
Eve Davis, EA, LTC

Thursday, July 27th CANCELED
1:00pm - "401k (Solo to ERISA)" (2 IRS/NASBA CPE Credit)
Portia Vogt, EA
3:00pm - "Taxation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)" (1 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits)

Monday, July 31st
2:00pm - "New York PTET (1 NASBA CPE Credit)
John Sheeley, EA

25 IRS/NASBA CPE Credits Available

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Sessions in this Series
  • Reporting 1099-K, C & A on Form 1040
  • Taxation of Investment Income Day 1
  • Taxation of Investment Income Day 2
  • Billy Joel & IRC 368(a)(f)
  • Tax Planning for the Moderate Client
  • Taxation of Employee Stock Plans
  • Reporting Retirement Income & Distributions
  • Federal PTET (Before you get sued!)
  • Georgia Pass Through Entity Tax (PTET)
  • Tax Myths & Benefits to Employing your Kids
  • California Pass Through Entity Tax (PTET)
  • Minnesota Pass Through Entity Tax (PTET)
  • Oregon Pass Through Entity Tax (PTET)
  • 401 K Plans for Businesses
    Thursday, July 27, 2023 · 1:00 PM EDT
  • Taxation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
  • New York Pass Through Entity Tax (PTET)