Intuition Supercharger 1-Day Workshop
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"Can someone really use their intuition to help generate over $650 million per year?"

Do you feel that something stops or blocks your intuition?

Are you afraid to even trust your intuition?

Would you like to be more intuitive yet don't know how?


If I had even just a pound for every person who asks me whether I’m psychic it would most certainly keep me in Prada shoes every year.

For me my response is usually the same: “No, although my psychic friends say I am, I think of myself as being highly intuitive.”

This possibly also stems from the fact I’ve spent over 30 years working in the corporate field so although talk of being intuitive is now much more widely accepted in business with the likes of Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington citing it as one of their most valuable skills, me sitting in the boardroom asking CEO’s of Central Government Departments what their ‘psychic sense’ tells them about the issue or decision probably wouldn’t cut it or go down well.

I see intuition as 'inner tuitition' that guidance and knowledge and wisdom that comes from within. It now plays such a big role in my life it is almost scary to think what I would do without it. with people like Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, and George Soros all openly attributing some of their success to this often misunderstood and seemingly mysterious force, I thought it was about time I shared some simple processes I've devised, discovered, and learnt over the years which show how anyone can enhance their intuitive skills and quota.


The question of not trusting their intuition, not being intuitive, or being afraid to use their intuition comes up so often with clients I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I was the least intuitive person you might hope to meet right until the age of 32. I was very analytical and logical and academic so I wouldn’t have thought I had many intuitive bones in my body, much less entertain the idea that intuition might serve me in both my life and my business.

However, having not only discovered how to tap into my intuition, but it then leading me in directions I couldn’t even have dreamed of, I realise now just how vital and what a game changer it can be.


People think of intuition as being a fun thing without serious application yet Arianna Huffington devotes space to this subject in her book Thrive. (See below for the Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and Queen Latifah with Arianna interview links). In the video with Ellen, Arianna talks about the importance of getting in touch with our capacity to tap into our own wisdom, and that when you do that life can be amazing now matter what the challenges. She also takes about ‘time famine.’ I have found that when you are in the place of intuition, it also automatically puts you in the space of being in flow.

Richard Branson also speaks regularly about the part that intuition has played in the success of his many multi-million £ and $ businesses.

One of the most successful investors of all time, George Soros who has earned over $650 in just one year, has written much about his success and says he ‘knows’ when his logic is incorrect so listens to his intuition when running his portfolios of stock, even though he is the first to admit that it’s not particularly scientific. His success however way out performs the statistical probabilities so I think no one can argue with his approach.

Now this even isn’t geared up to promise you will make millions of dollars, this is just to illustrate that many of the most successful people of current times have openly admitted to using their intuition as a key and a very important part of their business strategy. For those attendees are also in business we will do an intuitive Think Tank piece during the day to have you generate new strategies and ideas for an area where you might be stuck or experiencing challenges.


This workshop is aimed at 3 distinct groups of people.

Group 1 – Those who know their intuition is in there somewhere and they see flashes of it yet find themselves unable to access it on a consistent and regular basis, and even when they do, are often fearful of trusting it.

Group 2 – Those who hear talk of intuition but consider that they aren’t intuitive (yet would like to be) and have therefore bought into the idea you’re born with it or not.

Group 3 - You know it's there and use it regularly, and you now want to turn up the dial even further and supercharge how you use and interact with your intuition.


In true Marilyn Devonish style, this workshop will be a mix of background theory, demonstration, hands on practice, and energy clearing and transformation work.

By the end of this Intuition Workshop delegates will leave with:

A much clearer sense of how to access their intuition
Knowing how their intuition speaks to them
Simple yet powerful exercises to continue to build up their intuitive muscle
Freedom from thoughts, beliefs, emotional blocks, and invisible barriers that have been standing in the way of more powerfully tapping into your intuition

Exercises will include:

A 'Steve Jobs' joining the dots process
Identifying limiting beliefs about your intuition
Huna and Access consciousness process to clear blocks and barriers to your intuition
Intuitive learning styles identification process
Intuition strategy mapping
Intuitive readings

We'll be answering some of the most common questions which include:

What is intuition?
Does everyone have it?
Do you have to be born intuitive or is it a skill you can learn, develop, and master?
How you can access and harness your intuition?
How can I discover how to get my intuition to work for me?



Generate ideas for your business (this Workshop results from a piece of intuitive insight as was my very successful Magic & Gratitude Programme, my annual Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest, and the Millionaire Mentor Day with Sukhi Wahiwala)

Create and encourage more flow and amazing synchronicities . . . . This seemingly chance meeting with Olympic Champion Anthony Joshua is just one of many examples. Intuition totally guided it, having said the day before this meeting, publicly on twitter that: "I'd like to meet up with Anthony Joshua in the centre of town by the Post Office. I'll see if I can sort that out this week . . . ." A series of intuitive nudges then led to me meeting him the very next day, in the centre of town, outside of said Post Office. As I'm always saying, you really couldn't make this stuff up so there must be something else at play. (See the Eventbrite page for the photos).

Improve your decision-making skills
Know information about a situation almost before it has happened, a bit like advanced ‘scenario modelling’
Read and absorb and remember and recall information using your intuitive mind; See the link below about how I read a book that I didn’t even know existed, right down to remotely pinpointing the EXACT page number and what was on that page . . . .

Find yourself in the right place at the right time . . . . How did I get backstage to see the live show and then party with the stars at Strictly Come Dancing . . . How did I appear on TV at the Royal Wedding . . . . How did I and 2 friends get to be the ONLY people to go backstage after a concert to meet legendary Queen guitarist Brian May . . . . . How did I know when 2 goals were going to be scored during the Fifa Football World Cup and have it happen exactly when I said it would . . . .

I'll share exactly how these things came about during the Workshop, and the intuitive strategy that you can employ to create more of the same.


The Workshop was designed and created by Marilyn Devonish who will also deliver this unique event.

“I have countless examples of how my intuition has played a massive part in my life. As well as sharing some of those examples for you to map and model, we will also be exploring where this has also been unknowingly happening for you so that you can join those all important dots and feed the power of that forwards and out into creating your future.”
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