Daily Study Group: Introduction to Machine Learning
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Introduction to Machine Learning by Etienne Bernard weaves reproducible coding examples into explanatory text to show what machine learning is, how it can be applied and how it works. Join our Daily Study Group to review the first six chapters of the book. A Wolfram U instructor guides each session by summarizing the chapter, walking through code examples, polling the group to review key concepts, working on selected exercises and answering questions. Participants are encouraged to read the book chapters before coming to each session. Perfect for anyone new to the world of AI or those looking to further their understanding, the book itself begins with a brief introduction to Wolfram Language, the programming language used for the examples throughout the book. From there, students are introduced to key concepts before exploring common methods and paradigms such as classification, regression and clustering. More advanced concepts from later chapters, such as deep learning methods, will be left for a future Study Group. This book and the corresponding Study Group are sure to benefit anyone curious about the fascinating field of machine learning.

In Daily Study Groups, the instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons with examples, polling the group to review key concepts, introducing practice problems and answering questions. A certificate of program completion will be awarded to participants who attend online sessions and pass the quiz. Study group sessions run daily, Monday through Friday.
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