Hybrid Manager Skills Series
Hybrid Manager Skills Series
Is addressing poor performance in a hybrid work environment challenging for you?

My new video series teaches managers the skills critical to keep these tricky conversations safe and constructive in a hybrid work environment. Watch these scenario-based videos by yourself or with your team to master these skills. This series is relatable, flexible and affordable.

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This Hybrid Manager Series Has 11 Sections
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Video Series
    Download the accompanying Workbook to the Hybrid Manager Skills Series here:

  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    BIG Feedback
    Learn how to give BIG feedback in this instructional video.
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    Complainer Feedback
    Learn how to give reliable feedback to a serial complainer.
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    Conflict Resolution
    Enable your team to resolve conflicts on their own in this peer-to-peer conflict resolution instructional video.
  • Hybrid Manager Series
    Disengaged Feedback
    Practice how to give tough feedback to a disengaged team member.
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    Root Cause Behavior Issues
    Understand the root cause of your team's behavior issues to better coach them on how to change.
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    Seek to Understand
    Understanding other points of view builds trust, collaboration, and gains buy-in.
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    Setting Agendas
    Develop clear agendas to keep your tough conversations and other one-on-one meetings on-track.
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    Setting Expectations
    Gain the skills to set clear performance expectations for each of your team members to maximize results and minimize confusion.
  • Hybrid Manager Skills Series
    Setting Next Steps
    Tough conversations should always end with actionable goals for improvement that the team member commits to.
  • Hybrid Manager Series
    Six Feedback Skills
    Learn these six feedback skills to ensure that your one-on-one meetings end with a commitment to improvement.