Homeschool Helps & Hacks - August

About This Event

Organization is one of the best tools for providing structure in your homeschool day, but it can be overwhelming. You might not know how to organize your materials, your space, or even your calendar.

Join us for an afternoon of looking in depth at questions about organization, and get practical advice to set you up for a successful homeschool year. Hear from homeschool veterans as they address schedules, routines, when to start school, recordkeeping, and much more.

You’ll get answers to common homeschool organizational questions and advice including:
* Tips & tricks on how to organize your homeschool space
* Debunking common homeschool organizational myths
* Using the power of routine in your homeschool day
* Practical tips for keeping track of your materials and creating a peaceful learning environment
* And more!

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions during our live Q&A too! Come prepared with your homeschooling organizational questions or submit them ahead of time on the Sonlight App. Access to this event is free and includes access to replay the videos for 30 days.

DATE: Aug 19, 2021
TIME: 1-3:00 pm MT

  • August 19 1:00 pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - Organization
    Both a schedule and routine in your homeschool are essential to building a li...
  • August 19 1:30 pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - Manage All the Books
    A place for everything, and everything in its place. Yes, an orderly homescho...
  • August 19 2:00pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - Organization Q&A
    Don't miss this live Q&A session where we provide the opportunity for you to ...

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