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Many families are reluctant to homeschool—or continue to homeschool—for a variety of reasons. We often have the same unrealistic expectations about homeschooling as we do about life in general: perfection.

All-or-nothing, high standards, focus on the results, pushed by fear all the way. But life (and homeschooling) is never perfect. And it shouldn’t be.

Join us Thursday, September 16th for a new installment of Homeschool Helps and Hacks. This month we will focus on how community can provide the reality check you may need for your deepest homeschool fears.

Whether you need a nugget of inspiration, a kick in the pants, or a practical solution to a nagging trouble spot, support from a community of like-minded parents is key. Join us as we dig into common homeschool fears and issues, including:

* Overcoming the fear of “Can I actually teach my child? Am I qualified? Are we doing enough?”
* Overcoming isolation and socialization fears
* Resolving parenting battles (i.e., motivating kids to do their school work, sitting still during read-alouds, behavioral challenges)
* Solutions for getting it all done
Evaluating what’s working and not working
And much more!

You’ll also discover how Sonlight’s Connections Community gives you access to a wealth of experience and encouragement from those further along in the homeschool journey. Discover how to connect with Sonlight’s Mentors and Advisors—from helping you choose the best possible course of study for your family, through the day-to-day task of homeschooling, we are here to help you succeed.

DATE: Sept 16, 2021
TIME: 1-3:00 pm MT

  • September 16 @ 1 pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - Mentor & Community
  • September 16 @ 1:30 pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - Help When You Need it Most
  • September 16 @ 2pm MT
    Sonlight: Homeschool Helps & Hacks - Candid Talk

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