Holistic Hub Wellbeing Fest

About This Summit

This is a 2 night event, 2 hours each, full of vibrant information along the themes of: Nourish, Move, Connect, & Grow. Our speakers are all Indiana local experts who are members of Indy Holistic Hub.

Indy Holistic Hub announces their 5th annual Holistic Hub Wellbeing Fest and our first virtual experience. This event is leading the path to connect Hoosier families and communities with valuable holistic health and well-being resources for their family and home.

Commenting on the day of the event, Jennifer Seffrin, Founder of Indy Holistic Hub, says “It’s an honor to be able to bring together 16 speakers along with Market Partners to create an experience that uplifts Hoosiers on their wellness journey. During this unprecedented time, we know people are looking for natural options, an understanding of the mind/body connection, and to relieve life stressors. Part of the stress is from not having the resources or know how to make lifestyle changes. Wellbeing Fest helps bridge that gap to whole mind, body, spirit, and green living.”

Continuing to grow and expand on what the event offers, this year includes:
• Virtual interaction so you can attend from wherever you are!
• 16 Indy Holistic Hub practitioners giving tips focused on immune health, healthy recipes, healing power of plants, how to grow during these challenging times, yoga to help open trauma in your body
• 2 Walk the Talk Speakers focused on Let Go and Abundance & Miracles Will Flow, and What’s Your Perspective on Enlightenment?
Sessions in this Summit
  • Wellbeing Fest Night One - Nov. 17th
  • Wellbeing Fest Night Two - Nov. 18th

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