HistoryExtra Medieval Masterclass, with Dan Jones

About This Masterclass series

In this four-part series, Dan Jones will talk us through the four ages of medieval history, taking us from the decline of the Roman Empire in the 5th century through to dawning of renaissance ideas and the religious revolution in the 15th and 16th centuries. On the way, we’ll criss-cross western Europe, considering Franks and Arabs, Mongols and monks, Crusades and pandemics and much more besides. The format of each masterclass will be a short (10-minute) introductory talk from Dan, followed by a Q&A with our content director Dave Musgrove, and then an extended chance for audience members to pose their questions.

The four sessions will take place on consecutive Thursdays through September, from 1-2.30pm BST. Registration for each individual session costs £15 or register for the series at £40 and save £20!
Sessions in this Masterclass series
  • HistoryExtra Medieval Masterclass: Imperium 410-750 AD with Dan Jones
  • HistoryExtra Medieval Masterclass: Dominium 750-1215 AD with Dan Jones
  • HistoryExtra Medieval Masterclass: Rebirth 1216-1347 AD with Dan Jones
  • HistoryExtra Medieval Masterclass: Revolution 1348-1527 AD with Dan Jones

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