The Holocaust with Laurence Rees

The Holocaust with Laurence Rees

This curated three-part virtual lecture series from the acclaimed historian and broadcaster Laurence Rees will offer an expert overview of the Holocaust. From the origins of Nazi antisemitism and the rise of Adolf Hitler to the escalation of violence and persecution amid the Second World War and the horrors of the death camps, this masterclass promises to provide an authoritative look at one of the darkest events in history.

All attendees will receive:
- A link to access the live masterclass, each of which includes a 45-minute lecture from Laurence Rees
- Pre-read material to read before the live session
- A link after the session to watch the recording at your leisure (up to four times)


Beginnings: up to 1937 (part one)

From the origins of Nazi anti-Semitism through to the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor of Germany and the introduction of Nazi anti-Semitic laws, this first masterclass examines how and why the Nazis decided to turn – wholly unjustly – on the Jews.

Radicalisation: up to 1941 (part two)

In the build up to the Second World War, and during the early years of the conflict, the Nazi policy of persecution became ever more radical. This second masterclass examines the horror of Kristallnacht in 1938, the murder of Jews in occupied Poland and the introduction of ghettoization.

Mass extermination: up to 1945 (part three)

The German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 is one of the most important milestones on the way to the Holocaust. This final masterclass examines the escalation in killing that resulted - ending with the creation of factories of death.
Sessions in this masterclass
  • The Holocaust with Laurence Rees, part 1
  • The Holocaust with Laurence Rees, part 2
  • The Holocaust with Laurence Rees, part 3

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