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  • Aloha & Welcome to the 7th Hawaii Energy Conference Livestream!
    9:00AM - E Komo Mai (Welcome) & Featured Presentation by Scott Seu
    Join the first discussion on Why Energy Equity Matters… Especially to the Electric Company with Scott Seu, President and CEO of Hawaiian Electric Company
  • 9:28AM - COVID and the Commissions – A Panel Discussion
    Join us for a fast-paced look at how the pandemic has changed the priorities for Public Utility regulation across the West. Hear Commissioners from Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Alberta engage in a live discussion of the issues.
  • 10:12AM - PANEL: Solar Jobs – Being Part of the Solution?
    The Executive Director of the Hawaii Solar Energy Association leads a discussion of how jobs in solar and other parts of the “clean“ energy sector can contribute to a Just Recovery.
  • 10:46AM - PANEL: Develop With Us, Not For Us
    This panel will welcome both policy and pragmatic perspectives centered on how to design and develop WITH and not just FOR communities. Panelists will discuss how societal harms exacerbated by ill-informed energy development can be remedied through co-creative clean energy design.
  • 11:27AM - PANEL: Leadership Toward a Just Grid
    As we embark on the path to “build back better” following the pandemic, our energy systems should be designed with resilience in ways that ensure equity. This panel will discuss emerging efforts aimed at bending the arc towards vulnerable populations now, not as a last resort.
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