HAMS 2020

Welcome to HAMS! Instructions for entering each webinar session can be found below. Please email webinar@cmalliance.org if you have issues connecting to a webinar session.

HAMS Instructions:

1. To participate in each HAMS session you will need to select the appropriate session below.

2. 15 minutes prior to the sessions start time you will see a link to "register" on the web page for that session. You will submit your name and email. At that point you will be in a waiting room until the start of the webinar.

3. At the start of the webinar as long as you are in the waiting room you won't have to do a thing! The webinar will automatically start. Remember: you will be watching these sessions only. No webcam/audio is needed.

Remember, if you run into difficulties the Livestream team is available to serve you. Email webinar@cmalliance.org with your connection issue.
Sessions in this HAMS 2020
  • HAMS: Day One
  • HAMS: Day Two
  • HAMS: Day Three