FIRST Virtual SME Booth with Mahir Digital Bersama Google

About This Series

Join Leaderonomics for our first ever FREE Virtual SME Booth!

We've decided to partner with Mahir Digital Bersama Google in hopes to assist business owners like you to move forward with skills training, a support group with expert trainers and a platform to showcase your business.

What will you gain?
1. Connect and collaborate with other business owners
2. Share your expertise and business ideas with like-minded individuals
3. Learn how you can make your business/company stand out on Google for free

Our objective is to not only upskill you with Google Tools for a digital-focused era but also to enhance collaborations between SMEs.

The only way forward often times is together.

Powered by Leaderonomics, in partnership with Mahir Digital Bersama Google.

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Sessions in this Series
  • Virtual SME Booth & Workshop 1
    Staying Connected with Your Consumers
  • Virtual SME Booth & Workshop 2
    Starting with Google Analytics

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