Getting the Tax Office Ready - 2024

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Empower yourself with vital tools and knowledge to make the upcoming tax season a breeze.

This comprehensive course package offers 15 hours of focused education covering key subjects like engagement letters, cyber security, workflow optimization, and regulatory updates including the Corporate Transparency Act and FTC Safeguards Rules.

Master the art of modernizing your tax practice through automation and AI, while also understanding their ethical considerations. Learn to effectively communicate with your team and clients through deadline planning and social media engagement. Gain actionable insights for building a robust, secure, and efficient tax office for 2024.

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Sessions in this Series
  • Update your Engagement Letter 2024
  • Cyber Security for the 2024 Filing Season
  • The Corporate Transparency Act: What you need to know!
  • Social Media for Tax Pros with no Social Media Presence
  • Battening Down the Hatches! Best Practices for Getting your Tax Office Ready - 2024
  • Practical Guide to WRITING Your Data Security Plan (aka WISP)
  • FTC Safeguards
  • Planning your Tax Season Deadlines, Policies and Communications
  • Tax Office AI: Rise of the Machines
  • "How I Implemented Package Pricing in my Tax Office"
  • The IRM Decoded: Making Manual Tax Code Comprehension More Palatable