GELF Octoberfest

GELF Oktoberfest

October 1st, 8th and 15th. GELF Oktoberfest speakers will deliver a mix of strategic insights and tactical cross-border "To-Dos" about their global retail expansion practices. Learn how to prioritize the key operational aspects of your global commerce plan and how to organize your team to execute them successfully.
Sessions in this GELF Octoberfest
  • Thursday, Oct 1st at 1 PM ET
    Tom Davis, Cartier — Retail is Dead. Long Live Retail!
  • Thursday, Oct 1st at 2:25 PM ET
    L-Space and Manscaped — How Bold Guesses and “Happy Accidents” Help Digital and Wholesale Teams
  • Thursday, Oct 1st at 3:50 PM ET
    SAXX, Canada Post, Passport Shipping — Global Growth Showcase: Canada
  • GELF Oktoberfest! Oct 1st - Session 4
  • HARMAN, Accenture, Fortium — Global Transformation via Collaborative Acceleration
  • Jerry McGlynn frm Specialized & Digital River, How to Scale Global Gracefully in the Age of COVID
  • Thursday, Oct 8th at 1 PM ET
    Burton, Nixon and Coresight — Keynote Panel - China Ecommerce and the Path Ahead
  • Thursday, Oct 8th at 2:20 PM ET
    Universal Standard and Flow — Cross-border Ecommerce Case Study
  • Thursday, Oct 8th at 3:50 PM ET
    PVH Corp, Signifyd, Forrester — Driving Top-line Growth by Removing Operational Friction
  • Pura Vida & Facebook — Social Goes Global: Boosting Conversion with Discovery Commerce
  • Estee Lauder, Manduka — What’s Next as Social Engagement Accelerates?
  • Thursday, Oct 15th at 1 PM ET
    Hendrik Laubscher, Blue Cape Ventures — Grounding the Future of Global Ecommerce in Today's Realitie
  • Thursday, Oct 15th at 2:30 PM ET
    Amazon Music — How “Local-First” Lessons Learned Drive Successful Global Marketing Programs
  • Thursday, Oct 15th at 3:55 PM ET
    Vincero Watches & Global-e — Improving Conversions & Customer Loyalty by Localizing the X-Border Exp
  • ReVive, Newton Baby, Harry's, Saatch Art — Today’s Marketplace Realities
  • AboveBoard — Closing Fireside: Connecting Diversity to Better Global Ecommerce Results
    w/ Scott Silverman, Co-Founder, GELF & Na'im McKee, VP Marketing, Aboveboard as ASF asf DF df D Fd fD Fs dfS DF sdf SDF

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