From the Start to the Art Episodes
About This Series
From the Start to the Art is a series of webinars that will run through the month of May 2020. Blake will be demonstrating a series of Workflow videos that will take you from the raw file all the way through the finished work, hence the name "From the Start to the Art".

These Live Events will be free to view live with limited access to the Live Event Replays for non-Elite members and archived on f.64 Elite for Elite Members.

To register for this series click "Start Series" and you will be registered for all of the upcoming episodes.

***There is a 500 person capacity for each webinar. If you do not get into the room when we are live, the replay will be available following each event.***
Sessions in this Series
  • The Waves and the Rock
    Start to the Art Episode 1
    In this Live Event I will show you how I composite multiple photos. I will al...
  • It's a Puppy Thing
    Start to the Art Episode 2
    We have a new addition to the family and who wouldn't love to stare at a pupp...
  • Me and The Moon
    Start to the Art Episode 3
    This shot took 5 years to come to fruition and I can't wait to share the deta...
  • Little House on the Prairie
    Start to the Art Episode 4: TBD
    This photo was a real challenge to process. Actually it was a challenge from...
  • Not in Kansas Anymore
    Start to the Art Episode 5
    I can still remember seeing this Church Interior in Bordeaux, France. This ...