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Sessions in this Series
  • EquippingU LIVE: Effectively Communicating God's Word
    “Effectively Communicating God’s Word” Preaching and teaching are at the heart of what we do as pastors and leaders. Join a diverse p... View more
  • EquippingU LIVE: Outward Focused Church
    "An Outward-Focused Church" will explore The Alliance's clear call from the Lord to be a movement that evangelizes and plants churche... View more
  • EquippingU LIVE: Leading the Church in a Post COVID-19 Era
    We find ourselves in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic that has changed the way we do church ministry. I’m so pleased at the stories... View more
  • EquippingU LIVE: Supporting Mental Health in the Church
  • EquippingU LIVE: Dealing with Sexual Sin and Pornography
    Sexual sin in general and pornography specifically have become an epidemic in our culture and have seeped rapidly into the Church. Ni... View more
  • EquippingU Live: You Found Me
    <b>You Found Me: Research on How Unchurched Nones, Millennials, and Irreligious are Surprisingly Open to Christian Faith</b> Researc... View more
  • EquippingU LIVE: How to Multiply Your Church
    Ralph Moore believes it can by multiplying and strategically planting new churches that, in turn, plant new churches. He will show wh... View more
  • EquippingU LIVE: Soul Care for Stressful Times
    Crisis has a way of exposing the cracks in our soul. More pastors are struggling with anxiety, depression, and discouragement than ev... View more
  • EquippingU Live: Church Growth in a COVID World
    At first, we hunkered down and hoped it would blow over. Now, we are realizing that COVID is part of the fabric of our modern society... View more

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