Enhance Hospital Security Through CPTED Principles

About This Series

In a multi-part webinar series Art Hushen, President of the National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP, Inc.), will guide members through the fundamentals of CPTED and using your current environment more efficiently for overall security.

Trainings In This Series
  • CPTED Training #1 - Fundamentals of CPTED
    Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or what is more commonly referr...
  • CPTED Training #2 - Lighting
    Lighting is a critical component under the CPTED model. Understanding the amo...
  • CPTED Training #3 - Barriers
    Barriers and perimeter protection are a strategy applied under the CPTED mode...
  • CPTED Training #4 - Three D’s of Security
    Deter, Delay, and Detect are strategies, along with CPTED recommendations, th...

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