Under One Roof - Doors Open Days 2021

Under One Roof's Doors Open Days webinars will explore both the ”what to do” and the “how to do it” for tenement owners in Scotland seeking ways to make their tenements more sustainable.

About This Doors Open Days series

Scottish tenements, with their high density and location close to useful facilities, could already be considered sustainable. But when it comes to making tenements more sustainable in terms of energy usage, flat owners in a tenement community that work together can achieve so much more than single owners working on their own. So if you own a tenement, but don’t know what is meant by the “fabric first” approach, how to find reliable installers, or the difference between EPCs, SAPs and PAS 2035, join us and find out.

Under One Roof’s one-hour webinars will include video, illustrated presentations and a live Q&A, and include practical case studies with actionable information for tenement owners from Historic Environment Scotland and local housing associations. We will be including experts who can answer tenement flat owners’ questions about the best and healthiest ways they can contribute to a low carbon future, and discuss the issues arising when groups of owners seek to work together. So, if you are a tenement owner, or even the owner of a traditional stone building, join our Open Door Day tenement energy sustainability event to find out what to do tomorrow, for tomorrow.
Sessions in this Doors Open Days series
  • Low-carbon tenements
    Glasgow - September 13, 2021
    We will explore both the ”what to do” and the “how to do it” for tenement own...
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  • Doors Open Days 2021 - Edinburgh Webinar