Digital Commerce Forum 2023

Revisit the Digital Commerce Forum 2023

The Digital Commerce Forum 2023 brought together 200 leaders in digital sales to hear and share insights on personalisation, AI and growth in digital channels. Watch the recordings on-demand and get inspired by the forerunners in digital sales.
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  • Marks & Spencer: Nick Masca
    Driving Customer Lifetime Value Through Personalisation
    Nick spearheads the Data Science division within the Growth & Personalisation team at UK’s leading retailer Marks & Spencer. With a f... View more
  • Deliveroo: Erin Weigel
    Design for Impact
    Erin shares how a culture of experimentation and personalisation has led to growth at as well as at Deliveroo.
  • LYKO: Tom Thörnblom
    Growing the new beauty icon
    Learn how localisation and customer centricity has enabled the journey of growth at Lyko.
  • Nordea: Frederik Fryland
    The path towards personalised banking experience
    Frederik shares what the path towards personalised banking experiences has looked like at Nordea.
  • Aiven: Jaime López
    AI-powered marketing operations
    Jaime demonstrates the transformative power of AI in marketing operations.
  • Columbia Road: Eero Martela
    Personalisation in digital commerce: Stop overthinking and get going
    Learn how to make personalisation a reality fast.

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