Dev Professional Series

About the Dev Professional Series

DevNetwork's new Dev Professional Series of online courses connects the professional developer, engineering, and IT communities on best practices for a wide variety of technical topics.

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Sessions in this Series
  • DevOps Security, Monitoring and Compliance with OpenShift and Sysdig (Presented by: Sysdig)
  • Cloud Stack: How Humana Conquered Cloud Costs with FinOps (Presented by: Apptio)
  • Continuous Software Delivery: CI/CD Patterns and Practices (Presented by: Harness)
  • Shifting Left: Bringing AppSec to the Developer Desktop (Presented by: Synopsys)
  • What's the Cost of the Cloud? IaaS, FinOps & Cloud Cost Management (Presented by: Apptio)
  • Whose Fault Is It When Kubernetes Breaks? (Presented by: Lightstep)
  • Advanced Kubernetes Deployments with NGINX Ingress Controller (Presented by: NGINX)
  • DevOps Tech: Shifting Left on Security (Presented by:
  • Who Needs the Office? Accelerating Productivity with Remote Onboarding (Presented by: Andela)
  • Solving the Hidden Costs of Kubernetes with Observability (Presented by: Lightstep)
  • CI/CD for Microservices: Best Practices and Lessons From the Trenches
  • Cookies: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (Presented by: CookiePro)
  • Get the Most from Your APIs with Microservices-Friendly API Management (Presented by: NGINX)
  • Fix Bugs or Build New Features? An Intro to Technical Debt & Error Monitoring (Presented by: Bugsnag)
  • Beyond Tips and Tricks: Building and Managing High-Performing Remote Teams (Presented by: Andela)
  • Seeing RED: A Monitoring Pattern for Microservices (Presented by: Splunk)
  • Ship Apps Faster on AWS with Unified Visibility and Security (Presented by: Sysdig)
  • Delivering Cloud Financial Management at Scale (Presented by: Apptio)
  • Optimizing Online Payments and Transactions (Presented by: Corvid by Wix)
  • How TransferWise Optimizes Cloud Costs and Accelerates Innovation (Presented by: Apptio)
  • NGINX Unit for Developers – How to Organize Your Application Environment without Using Docker

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