Data Intelligence Virtual Conference APAC

About This Conference

The business world is changing dramatically — and faster than ever. That is why companies must rely on data to make critical decisions, improve their operations, and transform customer, partner, and employee experiences. However, the enormity, complexity, and regulatory requirements of data mean that data workers spend a large portion of their time searching and preparing data, rather than using it for insight.

In this chaos, companies need to turn data from potential liabilities to concrete opportunities. Data Intelligence Virtual Conference APAC 2020 will feature experienced Data Practitioners who will shed light on how modern businesses are empowering more users to become data-driven.

Sessions in this Conference
  • Presentation by:
    Varun Verma
    Build an Actionable Roadmap for Enterprise Data and Analytics
  • Presentation by
    Jimmy Kwang
    Run your business on trusted data
  • Presentation by:
    Pat Rangsrikitphoti
    Data Governance: The practical sentiment
  • Presentation by:
    Nikola Sucevic
    Using ML and AI for customers base digital growth and retention
  • Presentation by:
    Bala Venkat
    Data - The Driving force behind Digital Transformation
  • Panel Discussion:
    From data liabilities to opportunities
    How can organizations leverage trustable data for success

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