Data And Advanced Analytics Innovation in Financial Institutions
About This Summit
Data and Advanced Analytics Innovations in Financial Institutions #DIFI2020- 8th December 2020- will address current challenges and present case studies on how forward-looking organizations are optimizing customer analytics, mitigating risk, and maximizing profitability.
Sessions in this Summit
  • Presentation by
    Shidan Murphy
    How to better predict revenue Opportunities and Probability of Risk
  • Altair Exhibition Booth
    To ask questions and chat with Altair team
  • Presentation by
    Fan Yang
    Lead to Cash — Harnessing the power of AI and ML in sales and marketing for I...
  • Presentation by
    Sachin Kumar Tonk
    Generating new Business opportunities using Advanced Analytics
  • Presentation by
    Kabir Khana
    Usage of alternative data and advance analytics for improved portfolio manage...
  • Presentation by
    Panel Discussion
    The Future of Data and Advanced Analytics In Financial Institutions
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