Daily Study Group: Wolfram Language Programming Proficiency
About This Study Group
This Daily Study Group follows material from the upcoming Wolfram Language programming course sequence. This content does not require experience with Wolfram Language; it is for those with introductory-level skill in any programming language who want to further develop Wolfram Language programming skills while being part of a learning cohort and also work toward Wolfram certifications. Lessons are taken from a sequence of three Wolfram Language programming courses (Programming Fundamentals, Practical Programming and Programming and Development) and cover core fundamentals of the language, best practices, interfaces and deployment, working with data and developing packages.

The instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons, polling the group to review key concepts, introducing practice problems and answering questions. A certificate of program completion will be awarded to participants who attend online sessions and pass quizzes. Proficiency (Level 1) certification is awarded to those who pass the multiple-choice Level 1 exam, and applied expertise (Level 2) certification will be awarded to Study Group participants who submit a qualified Level 2 project.
Sessions in This Study Group