CYP Now Evidence, Evaluation and Impact 2021

Online Conference | 30th & 31st March | 2.00pm-5.30pm

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Sessions in this Online Conference
  • Available On-Demand
    Re-evaluating your evaluation: where next for evidence?
    Speaker: Tim Hobbs
  • Available On Demand
    Rapid-Cycle Design and Testing: An Adaptive Approach to Evaluation for Learning and Improvement
    Speakers: Geethika Jayatilaka & Deon Simpson
  • Available On Demand
    Lessons learnt from virtual and remote delivery: what has and hasn't worked
    Speaker: Dr Sue Armstrong Brown
  • Available On Demand
    Equity and Evidence: overcoming barriers faced in adopting equitable evaluation practices
    Speakers: Stephen Miller & Bonnie Chiu
  • Available On Demand
    Using a core components approach to describe provision, adapt, and learn
    Speakers: Mary McKaskill & Nick Axford
  • Available On Demand
    Measuring what matters: a systems approach to evaluating impact and effectiveness in children's social care
    Speakers: Professor Rick Hood & Brendan O'Donovan
  • Available On Demand
    Evaluation in practice: Challenges, dilemmas and youth-centred approaches
    Speakers: Tania de St Croix, Finn Grieg & Aston Wood
  • Available On Demand
    Social and emotional skills: Understanding and evaluating impact
    Speaker: Professor Robin Banerjee