Culturally Responsive Math for Primary/Junior Educators
Series Overview
This five-part series hosted by Dr. Ruth Beatty, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education at Lakehead University and Danielle Blair will bring together Indigenous and non Indigenous educators who will work with participants to explore the mathematics inherent in First Nation and Métis cultural practices. Participants will learn through the lens of a shared journey done ‘in relation’ and discover the power of placing Indigenous culture at the heart of mathematics teaching and learning. They will learn more about resources and information needed to apply this learning in their classroom.

This project is the result of eight years of collaborative research in partnership with the series presenters: Christina Ruddy, Jody Alexander, Colinda Clyne, Anika Guthrie, Leslie-Anne Muma, Jennifer Parkinson, Michael Fitzmaurice, Heather Lett, Bonnie Sears, Kristopher Sandberg

In this series participants will develop an understanding of:

  • What it means to ‘do math’ and ‘think mathematically’

  • Project protocols and framework for engagement and collaborative work with First Nations, Métis and/or Inuit partners

  • The importance of doing the work “in a good way”

  • Authentic culturally responsive teaching and learning

  • Robust mathematical thinking including multiplicative, algebraic, proportional and spatial reasoning

  • Connections to school mathematics expressed through provincial curricula

This Course Has 5 Sections
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