Credo | Online Milling School | July - Sep 2020

About This Series

Progressus AgriSchools and Milling and Grain magazine have joined forces to develop a knowledge and learning platform for all things milling. The School is being launched on Wednesday, July 15 2020 focused on feed milling. It will provide 12 weekly 1.5-2-hour Sessions presenting up to three lectures on key aspects for feed milling operations. It’s being provided on a subscription per Session rolling basis and students can gain a Certificate of Achievement when completing the full 12 Sessions.

Lecturers are a combination of key independent consultants and selected company experts addressing the technology and practical operation of equipment and processes in a standard feed milling plant. Online courses for other milling operations are planned for the future.
Sessions in this Series
  • An Introduction to Online Milling School: Grinding and Conditioning Overview (Free Access Code 'Credo')
    --------To request an access to the recording of this session, please contact This session will introdu... View more
  • Online Milling School : Grinding Operations
  • Online Milling School : Batching Operations
  • Online Milling School : Steam and Conditioning
  • Online Milling School : Mixing Operation
  • Online Milling School : Pelleting Process
  • Online Milling School : Raw material receiving and storage
  • Online Milling School : Other Supporting Equipment
  • Online Milling School : Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Online Milling School : Feed Mill Management
  • Online Milling School : Feed mill Digitalization and Automation System
    The module will demonstrate how technology has effected the way we produce feed today, the benefits of automation systems and how Ind... View more
  • Online Milling School : Feed Mill Design and Construction

Credo | Online Milling School