Converge 2021
Converge 2021: Turning COVID-Era Obstacles into Opportunities
COVID-19 has affected all of us in various ways,
and Converge is no exception.

However, this obstacle has created a unique opportunity for us. While we could never hope to create online the ambiance and relational connections that are the greatest benefits of Converge, we are offering a pre-recorded package using videos of several of the main speakers combined with two live sessions including one Q&A with Tim Crouch and an evening prayer time.

You can register as an individual and share the links to benefit your church’s missions team, staff, and congregation. We suggest that only one person register per church.

While you can register now for $50,
on-demand video sessions will be available on January 25th, 2021.

In Converge sessions you will:

- Receive updates from Alliance Leaders like John Stumbo and Tim Crouch
- Learn how to assist International Workers in dealing with crises
- Hear what God is up to in various regions and Alliance Missions structures
- Discover new ways to use technology effectively
- Be empowered to raise up new workers
- And more!

We hope you'll join us.


List of On-Demand Sessions

• Intro to Plan B – Craig Walter
• John Stumbo – Understanding the Times / Leadership in a New World
• Tim Crouch – Obstacles we Face
• Tim Crouch – AM Update
• Cathy Sigmund – Assisting IWs dealing with Crisis
• Tim Meier – Funding Issues

AM Structure Updates
• CAMA – Mike Sohm
• mm – Bill Dunham
• Envision – Jen Schepens
• Africa – Kevin & Bonnie Oberg
• Asia/Pacific – Tim & Vi Steinert
• Europe/Middle East – Ed & Julie Mangham
• Latin America – Tim & Melanie Wendel
• North & Central Asia – Trent & Sharon Thornton

Worker Talks on Short-Term Trips
• Rich & Elisa Brown
• Matt & Rachel Clason
• David Manfred
• Matt & Terri Perrotto

Promotion: keeping missions awareness and engagement high when traditional methods are facing obstacles
• Using Technology Effectively – Holly Farmer
• Prayer – Craig Walter
• Partnerships – John Corby
• Raising up new workers – Stacy Douglas
    Converge 2021: Q&A with Tim Crouch
    Thursday, January 28th – 11am Eastern
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