Collaborative Communities of Inquiry: A Not-So-Virtual Summit

About This Summit

Are you missing the team-building and camaraderie that happens when you take your team to a conference?
Get the best of both worlds with this not-so-virtual summit. Our Challenging Learning team will deliver the content virtually, but you can take your team to any location to participate. Our team will provide our high energy and interactive presentations of research based and classroom tested strategies virtually, but time will be provided for your team to process and plan in person. This conference has a learner-centered focus and will guide your team discussions about creating the learning culture you desire.

The fee for the two-day summit covers one login, but can be used with any size team that is convening in one place.
Sessions in this Summit
  • Creating Collaborative Communities of Inquiry Day 1
  • Collaborative Communities of Inquiry Day 2

We look forward to learning with you!