Churches Caring for the Abused

A simple guide to coming alongside victims and survivors Saturday, January 28th, 2023 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM CST

About This Webinar

Participants will learn:
The importance of the Church’s involvement and support when abuse has occurred in the lives of congregants

Specific dynamics of abusive relationships that create the need for different forms of care than in normal marital conflict

Wise methods for coming alongside victims when abuse is current

Long-term processes for the support of those healing from past abuse

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Sessions in this Webinar
  • Session 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Abuse
    This session will explain both the immediate and long-term effects of abuse on victims and survivors. We will discuss the experience ... View more
  • Session 2: First-Aid for Current Abuse
    In this session we will give practical help for church leaders who are seeking to come alongside victims of abuse. We will discuss wa... View more
  • Session 3: Long-Term Care for Survivors
    While church leaders cannot normally provide counseling and community-based resources, they can offer wise and careful encouragement ... View more