Christian Creativity Bootcamp
Christian Creativity Bootcamp - A Free Series of Live Webinars for Christian Creatives
I make a great living as a Christian writer and online teacher (of everything from prayer to publishing) and have many fellow Christians who would like to do the same, but just don't know how.

If there are a small group of make-it-happen (or even just I-want-to-make-it-happen) people out there who would be interested, I'll 100% set aside time to share my experience with you for free.

Sign up here to be added to the list of attendees. I look forward to connecting with you in January 2020.

There will be lots of opportunities for questions to be answered, and the whole series of trainings is 100% free.

Please be assured that this is not just an excuse to sell something, the content will be complete, questions will be answered to the best of my ability, and your road blocks will be removed!
Sessions in the Bootcamp...
  • Made To Be a Maker
    You were made in the image of the One who made all things, and who delights in what He makes. Your joy rests in creating, not consuming. This session will drill down into the WHY side of creativity, and we will follow up with the WAY to make it happen.
  • Vehicles For Value
    Just as a water requires a channel to flow through, your creative rivers need avenues to an audience. In this session we will look at the numerous ways you can share your value with the world.
  • Forge Your Fire
    Every creative project begins like the scattered bones in Ezekiel's valley. Life and structure needs to be breathed into them before they can take form and make a difference in people's lives. In this session we will look at crystallizing your ideas into something solid, shareable and saleable.
  • Set Sail
    Once your creative assets are created and ready to roll they will need to be fed into a framework for your audience to consume and enjoy. In this session very practical guidance and recommendations will be given how you can do this. We will cover everything from publishing digital and print books, to course creation, taking payments, affiliates and email collection.
  • Spread Your Wings
    This session will cover opportunities and ideas for promotion, advertising and repurposing. It requires one set of skills to create something of value, and another to share or sell them so people can receive, grow be blessed through them. Learn simple skills to get started and discover ways to extend your reach.
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