BSIR Annual Scientific Meeting 2020
About This Annual Scientific Meeting
The BSIR Annual Scientific Meeting is the biggest interventional radiology conference in the United Kingdom. Since 1988, it has become the meeting place for those interested in interventional radiology to come together to share their knowledge, experience and expertise.
Sadly, due to the Covid pandemic we are unable to meet in person this year. However the new virtual platform does provide other exciting opportunities. This year, delegates will be able to participate in the programme from the comfort of their homes or departments without the need to travel. Why not book a meeting venue in your departments and arrange for staff to come together with your local industry representatives for the industry webinars?
The programme is packed with a range of fascinating lectures from leaders in the field , both nationally and internationally, sessions from the special interest groups (IOUK, PAEDS IR UK), cutting edge developments in lymphatic intervention and interventional oncology, trauma and vascular intervention and trial updates. There will be expert discussion of complex cases, industry webinars and videos; and scientific presentations including a session on Covid.
There will be CPD points available for participation as always. Please do also join in the fun with the daily quiz and cheer on the teams you are supporting. We are hoping to see more delegates than ever this year registering for the meeting, enjoying the educational content and supporting our industry partners.
We look forward to welcoming you to BSIR 2020!
Dr Lakshmi Ratnam
Chair of Scientific Programme Committee
Sessions in this Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Welcome Presidential Address followed by Scientific Session 1: Aorta and Cava
  • Welcome Presidential Address followed by Scientific Session 2: Embolisation
  • Plenary Session 1 : Complications of EVAR
  • PENUMBRA : "The Use Of Latest Coil Technology In Visceral Embolisation”
  • Interventional Radiology in Myanmar - Supported by BVM
  • Philips : Contemporary Use of IVUS in Peripheral Artery Disease
  • Plenary Session 2 : Lymphatic Intervention
  • GUERBET : SeQure Non - Target Embolisation
  • Quiz: Hull v Newcastle
  • SHOCKWAVE : Intravascular Lihotripsy - A solution to treat severe calcification
  • Welcome followed by Scientific Session 3: Interventional Oncology
  • Welcome followed by Scientific Session 4: Farrago
  • State of the Art Session 1: The Future of Interventional Oncology
  • Neuwave J&J : Safe and Effective Use of Microvave Ablation Employing Advanced Imaging
  • Liver Venous Deprivation - Supported by Abbott Vascular
  • W&D Interventional Radiology Networking Luncheon
  • IOUK at BSIR : IO in an hour
  • State of the Art Session 2: Trauma Intervention
  • Scientific Session 5 : Covid
  • Quiz: Notts v Oxford
  • SIRTeX : Advances of SIRT with SIR-Spheres for better patient outcomes
  • Gold Medal Presentation followed by Wattie Fletcher Lecture : Extra Extra Read all about it!
  • BVM / Imactus & BSIR : A fireside chat on Real World Percutaneous Procedures (or Ablation)
  • Welcome followed by Scientific Session 6: Periperal Vascular
  • Welcome followed by Scientific Session 7: GI / Hepatobiliary / Genitourinary
  • State of the Art Session 3: Vascular (Peripheral Vascular):
  • Boston Scientific - TruSelect microcatheter - Access without Compromise
  • Trial Update
  • Clinical Coding in IR
  • Lunchtime : IR Response to COVID - Experience and lessons learned
  • Paeds IR UK at BSIR : Paediatric IR : What could possible go wrong?
  • Bilary Session: Complex cases and Tips and Tricks
  • Terumo : BTK Revascularisation. How to be successful
  • Quiz : Final & Closing Remarks
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