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Secretary DeVos dramatically redefined the federal role in education, primarily through deregulation and the recission of prior policies. More grants management responsibility was delegated to the pass-through agencies, a greater emphasis was placed on funding private school students, and we witnessed a significant reorganization and reduction in personnel at the U.S. Education Department. At the same time, federal education funding has reached unprecedented levels as states, districts and colleges respond to the global pandemic.

The 117th Congress has convened and over the next few months, the Biden Administration will face significant challenges related to education in terms of transitioning to new leadership and the rollout of more than $80 billion in new education stimulus money passed by Congress in late December. There are pressing new issues including how to implement new GEER private school funding in the recently passed stimulus, whether to insist states conduct regular assessments this school year, and how to help both higher education institutions and districts prepare for the fallout from reduced enrollment. Colleges will need to implement significant changes to the financial aid system including the elimination of the term “expected family contribution”, the simplification of the FAFSA, and a dramatic expansion of eligibility for Pell grants.

The changes made by OMB to the Uniform Grant Guidance and the corresponding revisions to EDGAR become effective July 1, 2021 for all state-administered programs. The Education Department’s Cost Allocation Guide has mandated documented time and effort certification systems and indirect cost rates are being negotiated under these new rules. The new 2020 OMB Compliance Supplement and CARES Act addendum has reduced the compliance elements to be audited, resulting in more administrative responsibilities for pass-through entities.

How can administrators effectively digest all these challenges and changes in policy? The BruMan team’s virtual Spring Forum from May 4 to 6 will bring you up to date on all of these topics and help you navigate this fiscal and policy roller coaster.
Sessions in this Forum
  • BruMan Virtual Spring Forum 2021 - Day 1
  • BruMan Virtual Spring Forum 2021 - Day 2 - General Sessions
  • Spring Forum 2021 - Day 2 Breakout Session 1a: Time and Effort Documentation and Virtual Flexibility
  • Spring Forum 2021 - Day 2 - Breakout Session 1b: MOE, OCR and Other Hot Topics Affecting SWDs
  • Spring Forum 2021 Day 2 - Breakout Session 2a: Cost Allocation and Indirect Costs
  • Spring Forum 2021 Day 2 - Breakout Session 2b: Perkins Fiscal Issues
  • BruMan Virtual Spring Forum 2021 - Day 3
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