British Journal of Midwifery Conference 2022

20th Annual British Journal of Midwifery Conference

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With 2 days of incredibly current topics, the British Journal of Midwifery Virtual Conference gives a chance for the midwifery community to come together in these difficult times and engage in key education free of charge.

Sessions had a live Q&A and all are CPD-certified so you can fulfil your hours from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

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29th - 30th of March 2022
  • Tuesday 29th March - 9:10 AM
    The freebirth movement: why midwives and other healthcare professionals need to acknowledge and support women’s autonomy in maternity care
    All women deserve access to a safe birth. All women, however, also deserve a ...
  • Tuesday 29th March - 10:00 AM
    How do power and hierarchy influence staff safety in maternity services?
    There are considerable tensions for healthcare staff between their employee a...
  • Tuesday 29th March - 10:40 AM
    Retained surgical swabs in maternity: Reflecting on why surgical swabs are being left behind and exploring how this could be prevented
    Surgical swabs are routinely used by obstetricians and midwives during caesar...
  • Tuesday 29th March - 11:20 AM
    Experiencing breech diagnosis: women's perception of choice and support in making decisions regarding management of breech presentation
    Professional guidelines recommend midwives and obstetricians actively involve...
  • Tuesday 29th March - 1:50 PM
    Maternity Action (charity): why they are a critical resource for pregnant women and new parents
    Ros Bragg talks about the impact of maternity discrimination on women and the...
  • Wednesday 30th March - 9:55 AM
    Prediction and prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes - Sponsored by PerkinElmer
    The aim of all of maternity care is prediction prevention of adverse pregnanc...
  • Wednesday 30th March - 10:40 AM
    Kids for Kids charity: Midwives – Giving Mothers Hope in Darfur
    Back in 2001, on her first visit to Darfur, Patricia Parker OBE, Founder and ...
  • Wednesday 30th March - 11:20 AM
    Gut microbiome in pregnancy and the postpartum - Sponsored by Nutricia
    We have fascinating, emerging evidence highlighting links between maternal gu...
  • Wednesday 30th March - 12:10 PM
    Integrating Telehealth into Maternity in a Post-Pandemic World
    Telehealth has gained more attention in the last 2 years than it did for over...
  • Wednesday 30th March - 1:50 PM
    Post-caesarean wound infection: Best Practice Guidance for Prevention and Management - Sponsored by Essity
    Surgical Site Infection Post C-Section can be physically and psychologically ...
  • What lies beneath: The hidden world of non-severe maternal morbidity

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