Bookkeeping Basics for the Tax Preparer

About This Series

This is a 2 day series on Bookkeeping Basics for the Tax Preparer.

Every tax preparer and accountant somewhere along the lines needs to have a fundamental basic understanding of bookkeeping in order to ensure they are using the correct numbers when preparing a tax return or otherwise presenting financial information to their client. Unfortunately, clients are often
underprepared and unable to complete this task successfully on their own due to the inherent complexities. This 6-part course will take you through 6 main elements of bookkeeping and accounting
basics so you are able to have the confidence the information is properly assembled and accurate.

This is also a great course to have anyone assisting you in this capacity attend, in order to have the best chance of providing accurate financial information.

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Sessions in this Series
  • Bookkeeping Basics - Part 1
  • Bookkeeping Basics - Part 2

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