Best Practices Day 2020 | Recordings

If you've missed the show, you can still watch the recordings and see all the sessions and speakers.

Best Practices Day 2020

This year's edition of HCM Deck Best Practices Day was special! For the first time, we went online and global! Thank you all for this experience and see you in 2021.

If you've missed the show, you can still get the recordings from the 4th, virtual edition to learn all about Employee Development Journey and HR and L&D insights and success stories!
Sessions in this Event
  • Szymon Wyrembak | HCM Deck
    Welcome to Best Practices Day 2020
  • Kalina Tyrkiel | HCM Deck
    A New Way: Employee Development Journey from A-Z
  • Simon Janicki, Bartłomiej Polakowski,...
    Discussion panel: Employee Development Journey in the new normal
  • Natalia Muturi & Sławek Muturi | Mzuri
    Onboarding at Mzuri: join Mzuri – become Wazuri!
  • Marcin Nowak | G2A
    We're out of the office – what do we know, what do we still need to learn?
  • Nick Hindley | NHS
    L&D adds value, so prove it!
    Nick Hindley's presentation – "L&D adds value, so prove it!" during Best Prac...
  • Lori Niles-Hofmann | NilesNolen
    Data-Driven Learning Strategy
  • Tatiana Mircea | Nobel
    Supporting remote & hybrid teams

Best Practices Day 2020