BBC Sky at Night Magazine Masterclass, The JWST Series

About This JWST Series

Over three online talks running monthly from March to May 2023, we’ll take audiences on a detailed look at the greatest space telescope humanity has ever launched, the JWST, and how it is expanding our view of the Universe like nothing else before.

Expert speakers will give insights into three key areas – just how those stunning images it takes are created; how the telescope was built and launched, and how it’s operated; and the ground-breaking new scientific discoveries that are coming from its observations, across many branches of astronomy, now that we are nearly one year into this exciting new era of astronomy.

In the second part of each of the Masterclasses there is a Q&A with the Masterclass speaker.

All registrants will have access to the Masterclass recording once the event has ended and will be able to watch this recording for a maximum of 10 times.

Tickets: £36 for all three Masterclasses in the Observing Series or pay £15 per individual Masterclass event. Save £9 when you book the series today!
Sessions in the JWST series
  • BBC Sky at Night Magazine, JWST Masterclass: The Images with Joe De Pasquale
  • BBC Sky at Night Magazine, JWST Masterclass: The Telescope with Dr Olivia Jones
  • BBC Sky at Night Magazine, JWST Masterclass: The Science with Dr Hendrik Melin

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