BBC Gardeners' World - A Gardener's Guide to Moving House Masterclass Series
About this Masterclass series
Moving home is stressful, but if you also plan to move your garden or plantsit makes it even harder!

In this 12-part online masterclass series David Hurrion provides you with essential advice to safely moving and relocating plants as part of your house move.
This Masterclass Series Has 11 Sections
  • Moving House Series - Part One - Introduction
    Knowing what you will be moving and how is the best way to get started. Discover the steps to uprooting, propagating and dividing your plants and when and how to plan for the big day.
  • Moving House - Part Two - Legal Considerations
    Find out what you can and can't take from your garden, how to start negotiations with your buyer and how to ensure you can take plants while staying on the right side of the law.
  • Moving House - Part Three - What to Take
    Discover more tips on what you should, and shouldn't take with you
  • Moving House Series - Part Four - Four Months Ahead
    What you need to do at the four-month point from your moving date, from digging preparations, pruning and potting up.
  • Moving House Series - Part Five - One Month Ahead
    Find out the essentials that need to be done one-month out from moving day - from what to inform the removal company, watering and potting up.
  • Moving House Series - Part Six - One Week Ahead
    What to do at one-week-out... from lifting and potting up and what considerations you should make in summer, autumn and winter.
  • Moving House Series - Part Seven - On the Day
    Discover how to deal with the removal company, what you should do until it's time to move and how to protect plants in cold and hot conditions.
  • Moving House Series - Part Eight - Moving Exotic Plants
    Find out the special care that's needed when moving exotic plants, from preparation to protection.
  • Moving House Series - Part Nine - Moving Perennials
    Learn the specifics of moving perennials, from lifting and dividing, which should be potted up ahead of moving day.
  • Moving House Series - Part 10 - Preparing Other Plants for Moving
    Find out how to transport bulbs and plants that grow from a crown, and how best to transport seedlings.
  • Moving House Series - Part 11 - Arriving at Your New Garden
    What you should do in the days after your move to protect and care for your plants.