Autonomous Ship Reality
About This Virtual Event
It is no doubt true that the recent pandemic accelerated the digital transformation and integration of autonomous systems in the shipping industry. Every day autonomous ships are more and more preferred in the oceans. It is of course not surprising if we consider the fact that 75% of maritime accidents are caused by human errors caused by lack of attention or fatigue. Autonomous maritime technologies offer companies a significant savings opportunity with the possibility of reducing or even completely eliminating future accidents. With autonomous or unmanned ships not only the crew expenses can be saved also the reduction of the areas reserved for the crew which enables more room for cargo capacity and new technology systems. But the benefits of autonomous systems do not mean that there are no challenges. Autonomous ships are an almost new field with ongoing research and development. While autonomous land vehicles have only recently been accepted, the adoption process will accelerate as technologies enable ships to move on their own in oceans. Overall, we will talk about commercial autonomous ship reality from today's and tomorrow's perspectives by finding answers following questions.

• Are the technological advancements sufficient for large implementations of autonomous systems?
• What are regulations for autonomous ships and how can they evolve?
• How well are we ready for cyber security resilience?
This Has 3 Sections