Australia and New Zealand's State of Cyber Security Readiness.

Our latest report ranks jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand on their WofG cyber security readiness

Australia and New Zealand's state of cyber security readiness: Jurisdictional Whole of Government enablers compared

Effective cyber security is at the very heart of the digitisation of services to citizens and businesses. But beyond that, without strong safeguards to protect citizen data, trust in government will continue to erode. Without strong safeguards on mission critical government business systems and infrastructure quite literally entire cities could grind to a halt with major chaos ensuing.

But are all jurisdictions being equally effective in what they are on the cyber security front? Intermedium last looked at this in detail in 2017, when it published its first Government Cyber Security Readiness Indicator. At that time, it found that a number of jurisdictions were lagging and that no jurisdiction could be deemed to have done enough to support its agencies in their individual cyber security efforts.

The world has changed a lot since 2017. The level of cyber threat from state actors, criminals and malcontents continues to rise, particularly as more and more people go online due to the impacts of COVID-19 lockdown. New capabilities such as 5G telecommunications, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will give rise to new government applications – and to new vulnerabilities and exposures.

Watch Intermedium’s Government Cyber Security Readiness Indicator 2020 report briefing to learn how jurisdictions compare in terms of the cyber security readiness steps they have taken at the whole of government level.

Find out who is at the top of the leader board and why and discover which jurisdictions need to do more to be on equal footing with the leaders.

Hear our panel discuss considerations for cyber security strategies, elements of cyber security policies and what it takes to keep up cyber security resilience.

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  • Panel Discussion: Australia and New Zealand's State of Cyber Security Readiness
  • GCRI2020 report briefing

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