Attendance Management
Attendance Management
PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent technical difficulties, we have had to reschedule the sessions for this course. Part 1 will take place on November 18, 2020. Part 2 has been scheduled for December 1, 2020. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Unless effectively managed, employee absenteeism can result in lost productivity, decreased employee morale and detract from an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives.

This course will provide employers with the tools needed to identify and address the most challenging issues related to attendance management regardless of whether an employee’s absenteeism is ongoing or sporadic, including:

1. Assessing whether absenteeism is culpable or non-culpable or a mix of both and the different approaches arising as a result;

2. Identifying the elements of a successful attendance management program;

3. Weighing employees’ privacy rights with the employer’s entitlement to sufficient information to address attendance issues and its duty to accommodate: determining when, what and how much medical information can be requested from employees;

4. Responding effectively to various challenging scenarios, including sick leave fraud or situations where chronic illnesses and human rights considerations exist, while minimizing the organization’s legal risks.



This course will be completed over 2 online sessions and will incorporate case studies and hypothetical scenarios to provide participants with the opportunity to apply their learnings. All attendees will be provided access to the presentation for 30 days, along with additional resource materials for on-the-job reference.


This webinar is suitable for human resource professionals and members of management who are looking to implement or improve their organization's attendance management program. The workshop is relevant to both unionized and non-unionized workforces.


$300 + GST per person. If you are unable to attend live, registrants will receive access to the webinar recordings for 30 days. Sorry, no cancellations or refunds available.
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