Aerospace Testing International ~ Non-Destructive Testing Week

About this series

Aerospace Testing International’s online-only NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Week 2022, to be held during June 28-30 is a series of events that act as a focal point for the NDT practitioners across the world to discover new technology and best practice.

NDT Week 2022 is aimed at engineers and technicians of all levels using NDT tools and processes across aerospace and aviation for testing, evaluation and inspection. The webinars and roundtables are spread across three days, allowing people to register and attend events live to exchange ideas and quiz panellists, or review recordings when convenient.

The week kicks off on June 28 with an exclusive panel discussion, with panellists representing three key industry bodies: the American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT); the British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT); and the Non-Destructive Testing Management Association. The focus of the event will be on the implementation of emerging NDT technologies in aerospace. This event can help improve your understanding of the latest technologies such as automation, machine learning, robotics and 3D printing and features contributions from several leading experts in the NDT field.

For the second day, June 29, ATI is proud to be working with several NDT equipment and services suppliers, including North Star Imaging, Evident (formerly Olympus), Carestream NDT, VJ Technologies and Testia. Experts from each of these companies will provide updates on their latest solutions and provide advice on applications and technical questions in a series of webinars.

On June 30 we finish with one of our popular “Ask the Expert” sessions, during which readers and audience members can address questions to leading experts in NDT, either pre-submitted or live. This event provides a great opportunity to discuss the latest technologies and applications relevant to your area of the industry.

With the incoming introduction of new types of aircraft structures, materials, propulsion systems and fuels the demands have never been higher on testing professionals. The aim of NDT Week is to help you navigate this evolving environment and use NDT to reduce time and cost while improving reliability and accuracy.

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Sessions in this series
  • Emerging technology in Aerospace NDT
  • Evident Aerospace Inspection Solutions
  • An introduction to Remote Assistance Software
  • High Energy CT of a Printed Rocket Nozzle
  • The Latest Advancements in Digital Radiography
  • VJ Technologies Day 2 ATI NDT week
  • Ask The Expert: Aerospace NDT