• 7:00am - 7:15am PT
    Opening Remarks By Mary O'Carroll
    10am EST / 3pm GMT / 8:30pm IST / 11pm SGT / 2am AEDT
    Mary O’Carroll
    Director of Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy at Google
  • 7:15am - 8:00am PT
    Meet the Change Makers: Legal Disruption as an Opportunity
    10:15am EST / 3:15pm GMT / 8:45pm IST / 11:15pm SGT / 2:15am AEDT

    CLOC is a movement that is leading the legal industry through rapid and accelerating change. This presents us with more opportunities and challenges than ever before, and requires leaders who can not only adapt to change, but who can steer and shape things to create a future with better outcomes for all. Join us as we talk with senior executives from influential organizations who are creating the future rather than simply reacting to it. These leaders, who approach change in different ways, understand we have a rare opportunity to design a new future and will share their bold thoughts on where we need to go and how we get there.

    Cornelius Grossmann
    Global Law Leader at EY
    Aine Lyons
    CLOC Board Member & Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Worldwide Legal Operations at VMWare
    Jenn McCarron
    CLOC Board Member & Director of Legal Operations & Technology at Netflix
    David Wilkins
    Professor at Harvard Law University
    Mitch Zuklie
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe
  • 8:05am - 9:05am PT
    EMEA Regional Networking
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    Aine Lysons
    CLOC Board Member & Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Worldwide Legal Operations at VMWare
  • 8:05am - 9:05am PT
    CLOC LPM Committee Networking
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    CJ Nicastro
    Project Manager, Legal & Contract Operations at S&P Global Market Intelligence
    Aileen Leventon
    Lawyer & Advisor, Accredited Training Provider at IILPM; Principal, Law Strategy Coach at International Insitute of Legal Project Management
  • 8:05am - 9:05am PT
    Fortune 1000 & Other Large Enterprise - Industry Group Roundtable
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    For large enterprise organizations that employ thousands of employees around the world, the challenges and opportunities are much more complex even when you have resources and technologies in place. Come join this discussion to share your experiences and best practices on managing change at scale, navigating cross functional and global alignment, and strategic and technology planning.

    Mary O’Carroll
    CLOC President & Director of Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy at Google
  • 8:05am - 9:05am PT
    Effectively Manage Your Legal Requests - A Intake & Self-Service Tools Roundtable Discussion
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    Trying to manage the hundreds of legal service requests can be overwhelming, time consuming, and cost inefficient if your organization doesn’t have the proper infrastructure. Designing and launching an automated solution that is capable of managing the incoming requests is only step one, but no one talks about what comes next. Join this discussion as we share best practices on managing the demand and taking action, discuss the various intake solutions that work for organizations of all sizes, and ways to improve your service delivery.
    Jeff Marple
    Director of Innovation, Legal at Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • 8:05am - 9:05am PT
    The More You Know, The Better You Collaborate - A Knowledge Management Roundtable Discussion
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    Join this breakout group for a spirited roundtable discussion of knowledge management and how it is being attempted at peer organizations. Walk away with real ideas that have worked (or flopped) and a dose of inspiration for your 2021 strategic planning.

    Farrah Pepper
    CLOC Regional Leader and Chief Legal Innovation Counsel at Marsh & McLennan
  • 9:10am - 9:55am PT
    Executing 2021 Planning in a Shifting Economy
    12:10pm EST / 5:10pm GMT / 10:40pm IST / 1:10am SGT / 4:10am AEDT

    This year created many unforeseen challenges and planning for next year looks a little different. With added pressure to reduce cost and manage potentially remote teams, there is more to consider when planning for 2021. Join this session to learn how to execute your planning strategy considering recent organizational changes.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Discover creative ways to better manage spend and predict cost
    - Determine what considerations you need to factor in your planning
    - Optimize resource allocation

    Michael Abril
    Chief Legal Officer at Ember Education
    Jenita Gillespie
    Director, Legal Operations at Bons Secours Mercy Health
    Rebecca Sipowicz
    Vice President & Assistant General Counsel at Ocwen Financial Corporation
    Kiran Mallavarapu
    Senior Vice President and Manager, Legal Strategic Services at Liberty Mutual Insurance
    Kris Satkunas
    Director of Strategic Consulting at LexisNexis CounselLink
  • 9:10am - 9:55am PT
    Making Impact as a Leader in the Distributed World
    12:10pm EST / 5:10pm GMT / 10:40pm IST / 1:10am SGT / 4:10am AEDT

    Leaders have always been responsible for strategic direction and realizing the potential of people, processes and ideas. Today, the role of the leader is being stretched into areas where most of us have never had to perform. To really contribute and influence in this environment of constant change, you need to find ways to adapt and grow with empathy and pace. Come ready to get practical and interactive.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - What affects your ability to be balanced, flexible and impactful as a leader
    - How to be purposeful, resilient and influential in your relationships with peers, stakeholders and your teams
    - How to practice “Self Leadership” so you are able to be there for others

    Michelle Elstein
    Founder of Courageous Co
  • 10:20am-11:05am PT
    Contract Data Storytelling: Growing Legal Ops Influence Across the Org
    1:20pm EST / 6:20pm GMT / 11:50pm IST / 2:20am SGT / 5:20am AEDT

    How can you leverage data for driving business decisions and improving alignment across your organization? Join this session on how to use data to measure success and get buy-in from stakeholders.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Business Case Studies from Mastercard, TIAA, and Ironclad
    - Understand what is Contract Data Storytelling and how to use it for decision making
    - How to simplify data analysis and make it work for you, not against you
    - Ways that you can leverage data to get buy-in from stakeholders

    Anushree Bagrodia
    Vice President, Legal Transformation Lead at Mastercard
    Brad Rogers
    Chief Operations Officer and Chief of Staff at TIAA
    Akshay Verma
    Head of Legal Operations at Facebook
    Chris Young
    General Counsel at Ironclad
  • 10:20am-11:05am PT
    Making Inclusion & Diversity Happen: Legal Ops as a Critical Enabler
    1:20pm EST / 6:20pm GMT / 11:50pm IST / 2:20am SGT / 5:20am AEDT

    Accenture Legal have transformed their Inclusion & Diversity programme from the traditional ERG model to a set of ambitious strategic programmes focused on changing the Legal Teams and the sector at large. In this session they will layout the multi-discipline approach to driving purposeful change.

    During this session, we will cover:
    -Why it’s important to have governance and strategy in place before launching a program
    -How to collaborate with Outside Counsel through a multi-disciplinary approach and measure progress
    -Ways to incorporate external diversity certifications, including the Mansfield’s Rule
    -How to enabling ethnicity goals through a strategic ID framework

    Crystal Contreras
    Senior Manager at Accenture
    Vasi Nadarajah
    Director of Legal Operations at Accenture
    David White
    Director of Law Firm Management at Accenture
  • 11:10am - 11:55am PT
    Building a Future-Proof Legal Tech Stack
    2:10pm EST / 7:10pm GMT / 12:40am IST / 3:10am SGT / 6:10am AEDT

    Digital maturity is no longer a matter of when it arrives - it’s now about how quickly you can update and integrate your tech stack to sustain business continuity and drive value well into the future. Join us as we discuss in-depth insights into how you can ensure today’s legal tech investment can keep delivering agility, scalability, and value to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Learn why a data strategy belongs first before tech investments
    - Understand how to “integrate technology with purpose” for your enterprise
    - Identify your tech adoption advocates and how to leverage technology to extend your influence
    - Discover the specific technologies you should start with

    George Chiu
    Director of Systems Development at Prudential Financial
    Brian McGovern
    General Manager of Workflow Solutions at Mitratech
    Yuka Tzavaras
    Senior Manager of Legal Operations at Electronic Arts
  • 11:10am - 11:55am PT
    KM for Developing Legal Teams: Maximizing Your Impact with Limited Resources
    2:10pm EST / 7:10pm GMT / 12:40am IST / 3:10am SGT / 6:10am AEDT

    As organizations have shifted to remote working and virtual collaboration, knowledge sharing is becoming a new challenge for many to overcome. But this challenge presents a great opportunity for legal operations to assess their knowledge management function and ensure lawyers, paralegals, admins, and staff can access the necessary playbooks, templates, and subject expertise to get their jobs done. Hear from Ashley Adams of Asurion and Joyce Levy of Autodesk on how their legal ops team was able to build knowledge management into an everyday practice, while maximizing the use of existing solutions.

    During this session, we will:
    - Hear about Asurion KM Initiatives
    - Learn how to assess your KM function
    - Understand your internal partners
    - Empower your team to share and document their areas of expertise
    - Evaluate your stakeholder engagement and change management strategy

    Ashley Adams
    Senior Manager of Legal Operations at Asurion
    Joyce Levy
    Director of Legal Operations at Autodesk
  • 12:20pm - 1:20pm PT
    America Regional Networking
    3:20pm EST / 8:20p GMT / 1:50am IST / 4:20am SGT / 7:20am AEDT

    Adam Becker
    CLOC Regional Leader and Vice President, Director of Legal Operations & Corporate Counsel at Endeavor
  • 12:20pm - 1:20pm PT
    Driving Change – A Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Roundtable Discussion
    3:20pm EST / 8:20pm GMT / 1:50am IST / 4:20am SGT / 7:20am AEDT

    Over the last few months, organizations have been responding to recent social justice issues by taking a stand against racial inequalities and recommitting themselves to elevating the voices of their diverse employees, customers, and local communities. But how are organizations taking action now that the world of social media is holding them more accountable? Come join this discussion to learn how you can support your organization as they tackle DEI issues and ways that you can use your influence to drive change for the legal ecosystem.

    Joslyn Chulski
    Program Manager, Legal at Dow
    Omar Sweiss
    Diversity Advocate and Founder & Chief Executive Officer at JusticeBid
  • 12:20pm - 1:20pm PT
    Technology & Innovation Leaders - Group Roundtable
    3:20pm EST / 8:20pm GMT / 1:50am IST / 4:20am SGT / 7:20am AEDT

    The pace of change in business is accelerating and the legal issues that impinge on the work of business are becoming more complex. These challenges are opportunities for people who seek innovation within their legal organizations to lead adaptation required by the new normal. Join us as we discuss the current challenges and how we build creative solutions that are helping us evolve faster.

    Jason Barnwell
    CLOC Board Member & Assistant General Counsel of Modern Legal at Microsoft
  • 12:20pm - 1:20pm PT
    How Legal Can Use BI to Educate, Economize, and Elevate - A Business Intelligence Roundtable Discussion
    3:20pm EST / 8:20pm GMT / 1:50am IST / 4:20am SGT / 7:20am AEDT

    Business intelligence (BI) is the combination of data and analytics to facilitate data-driven decision making. Today's technology and business ecosystems provide new opportunities for data mining, data visualization, and data insights. The use of BI by legal departments is a potential goldmine for savings, process efficiencies, and better business outcomes. Come join this discussion to share your experiences and best practices in establishing and using BI to educate, economize, and elevate the legal function.

    Laurie Ehrlich
    Chief Counsel - Sales and Alliances at Datadog
  • 12:20pm - 1:20pm PT
    Can Technology Really Fix the Issue? - A Tech Implementation Roundtable
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    It's no secret that legal technologies can increase efficiencies, provide transparency and automate routine tasks for a legal team, but just having a solution isn’t enough. Come participate in this discussion to share and learn with other legal professionals on what to consider when implementing a solution and how to move beyond usage to true user adoption.

    Tiffani Hamilton-Huynh
    Legal Operations Manager at DHL Supply Chain
  • 1:25pm - 2:10pm PT
    Using No-Code Automation To Improve Efficiency Without Adding New Tools
    4:25pm EST / 9:25pm GMT / 2:55am IST / 5:25am SGT / 8:25am AEDT

    Does your team struggle to introduce new tools due to organizational resistance or change management? In this session, you’ll hear first-hand stories from Google’s Legal Tech Program Manager Michael Levy on leveraging no-code automation to streamline processes using the tools you already have.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Business Case Study from Google
    - How to improve processes around existing people and technology
    - Ways to use no-code automation to make your technology adapt to your unique needs
    - Discuss the importance and benefits of taking a people-first approach to process design

    Sagi Eliyahu
    Co-Founder & CEO at Tonkean
    Michael Levy
    Legal Technology Program Manager at Google
  • 1:25pm - 2:10pm PT
    Telling the Whole Story Through Legal Business Intelligence
    4:25pm EST / 9:25pm GMT / 2:55am IST / 5:25am SGT / 8:25am AEDT

    Learn how Fidelity Investments has begun to harnesses data to understand the Total Cost of Ownership of Legal Services to support Fidelity Product and Services, increase transparency into the key Legal and Business issues the company faces, manage attrition and mobility in the department and identify topic areas that are ripe for using alternative service providers. Please join Jamal Stockton as he walks us through a recently completed study.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Define best practices for capturing data about internal and external work
    - Build your data strategy
    - Deliver insights to your senior leaders and key business partners

    Jamal Stockton
    CLOC Board & Head of Legal Innovation and Technology at Fidelity Investments
  • 2:15pm - 3:00pm PT
    Not Another Presentation on Contracts! Cutting Through the Noise
    5:15pm EST / 10:15pm GMT / 3:45am IST / 6:15am SGT / 9:15a AEDT

    What should I be looking for? What can AI do in relation to contracts and do I need it? How do I get budget approval? What tool is going to make me look like a rockstar in the eyes of my GC? With dozens of companies competing in the contracts management and analytics space, it’s a stressful experience for a legal operations person to be assigned to finding the best system. Come hear practical advice and learn from real world experiences of 3 legal operations leaders.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Identifying what components and workflows are key to your business
    - Uncovering the automation that you need in your contract system
    - Getting budget approval and aligning your initiative to the business
    - Selecting the right tool to that fit into your long term business strategy

    Courtney Dutter
    Deputy General Counsel and Associate Vice President, Legal & Compliance at iCIMS
    Leonardo Murgel
    VP, Corporate and Legal Affairs & COO at Salesforce
    Dan Puterbaugh
    Director, Product, IP and Regulatory Affairs at DocuSign
    Michelle Zenkus
    Legal Operations Manager at UKG
  • 2:15pm - 3:00pm PT
    Understanding the Technology Journey: From Skillset to Planning
    5:15pm EST / 10:15pm GMT / 3:45am IST / 6:15am SGT / 9:15am AEDT

    Hear how Marvell Semiconductor was able to achieve full maturity, with an almost full set of technology implementations across the legal department. The journey wasn't an easy one, and they adopted several principals to create a successful function. They worked diligently to communicate their vision through meticulous change management skills, as well as strong technical support.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Building a diversified team and understanding the types of talent you need
    - Why it's important to create a “Coalition of the Willing” and who should be included
    - How to use planning as a way to save resources
    - Change Management for Technology Projects

    Eleanor Alderette
    Senior Manager of Legal Operation at Marvell Semiconductor
    Tal Samet
    Director, Assistant General Counsel at Marvell Semiconductor
  • 3:25pm - 4:10pm PT
    General Counsel Panel Discussion: From Global Pandemic to Inspiring Innovation
    6:25pm EST / 11:25pm GMT / 4:55am IST / 7:25am SGT / 10:25am AEDT

    General Counsels from large global organizations will come together to discuss the current state of the legal industry, trends that have impacted the way that we do business, and what we can expect moving forward despite the constant change that we experience.

    Maaike de Bie
    Group General Counsel and Company Secretary at easyJet
    Bradley Gayton
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Coca-Cola
    Dev Stahlkopf
    Corporate Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Microsoft
    Mike Haven
    CLOC Board Member & Senior Director, Associate General Counsel and Head of Legal Operations at Intel
  • 4:15pm - 5:00pm PT
    Journey to Legal Ops Maturity
    7:15pm EST / 12:15am GMT / 5:45am IST / 8:15am SGT / 11:15am AEDT

    The path to increasing legal ops maturity can be different for many organizations, depending on your goals and starting point. Join us for a discussion on how to define an approach that works for your legal department that will help drive better business outcomes.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Assess your legal department’s maturity
    - Determine the role of technology in your maturity roadmap
    - Change Management strategies that support your plan
    - Data and benchmarking can accelerate your plan

    Maitane Arozena
    DIrector of Global Legal Operations & Technology at Citi
    Jeffrey Solomon
    Senior Director of Product Manager, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions
  • 4:15pm - 5:00pm PT
    How to Tackle Your Legal Operations Projects
    7:15pm EST / 12:15am GMT / 5:45am IST / 8:15am SGT / 11:15am AEDT

    Managing legal operations programs can often present many challenges. The Legal Ops professional is required to prioritise projects, define scope, identify milestones and success, map out available resources, stay within budget, navigate lawyers through new changes, track progress and finally, oversee the on-going support. Hear from Katrina Gowans, Libby Jarvis and Matt Duncan on how to use legal project management (LPM) principles to approach legal ops projects, from the big to the small, the successes to the failures.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - LPM and Agile Principles and how the framework can help with service delivery
    - Strategic planning and designing an approach that suits the project
    - LPM and agile principles for different projects at different stages
    - Best practices for planning, transparency, prioritisation, communication and stakeholder management

    Matt Duncan
    Director of Legal Operations at QIC
    Katrina Gowans
    National Legal Operations Lead at Origin Energy
    Libby Jarvis
    Assistant Director of Legal Operations at Herbert Smith Freehills
  • 5:05pm - 6:05pm PT
    APAC Regional Networking
    8:05pm EST / 1:05am GMT / 6:35am IST / 9:05am SGT / 12:05pm AEDT

    Anna Golovsky
    CLOC Regional Leader and Executive Manager, Legal Operations & Agility at IAG
  • 5:05pm - 6:05pm PT
    Small Legal Departments - Industry Group Discussion
    8:05pm EST / 1:05am GMT / 6:35am IST / 9:05am SGT / 12:05pm AEDT
    Dan Coll
    CLOC Regional Leader and Senior Associate General Counsel of Legal Operations at Jabil
    Ashlee Best
    CLOC Regional Leader and Head of Legal and Privacy Operations at Asana
  • 5:05pm - 6:05pm PT
    Developing A Diverse Legal Team - A Training & Development Roundtable
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    Join us for an engaging discussion to discover best practices for training and developing a diverse team in the global sector using a methodology that adapts to different requirements, processes, and cultures, which embodies a wide variety of personalities and cultural distinctions.

    Kristi Gedid
    CLOC Regional Leader and Senior Director of Global Legal Operations at Mylan
    Katy Murson
    CLOC Regional Leader and Senior Project Specialist of Global Legal Operations at Mylan
  • 5:05pm - 6:05pm PT
    Making The Most of What You Have - A Process & Workflow Automation Roundtable Discussion
    8:05pm EST / 1:05am GMT / 6:35am IST / 9:05am SGT / 12:05pm AEDT

    As legal professionals, we are often tasked with empowering agility and efficiency through process and workflow automation. Join us as we discuss lessons learned from overlooked opportunities and best practices for optimizing legal processes to increase agility and efficiency, cut costs, and enable successful outcomes with internal and external business partners.

    Charandeep Kaur
    CLOC Regional Leader and Chief of Staff & Senior Director of Legal Operations at Juniper Networks
  • 5:05pm - 6:05pm PT
    The True Stories of Organizational Resilience - A Strategic Planning Roundtable Discussion
    11:05am EST / 4:05pm GMT / 9:35pm IST / 12:05am SGT / 3:05am AEDT

    Come participate in this interaction discussion about the challenges and opportunities of strategic planning, including how to bridge gaps between plans and real-world results. Share your experiences about the trials and tribulations of overcoming internal and external organizational adversity and potential missteps in the process.

    Stacy Walsh
    CLOC Regional Leader and 2VP Corporate Legal Operations at Travelers
  • 6:10pm - 6:55pm PT
    Measuring your Success through Data & Dashboards
    9:10pm EST / 2:10am GMT / 7:40am IST / 10:10am SGT / 1:10pm AEDT

    Do you often think about how you are providing value to your legal department? Do you wonder what metrics you should use to measure your success? Join this session as we discuss effective ways to report out on the right metrics for your legal function. We will give you examples of the metrics that you should focus on, what is available (and accurate!) data that you can use, how to create the right dashboards and feeds to enable effective use of your key metrics.

    During this session, we will cover:
    - Identify a holistic approach to measuring success
    - How to embed metrics and measurements into tool development
    - Sustainable approaches for metrics and dashboards
    - What solutions you should build and how to share your data
    Graham Allan
    Vice President, Legal - Legal Department Operations and M&A Legal at Cisco
    Apur Patel
    Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Legal Technology Acquisition & Legal Operations at Cisco
  • 6:10pm - 6:55pm PT
    Strategic Planning for New Legal Operations Leaders
    9:10pm EST / 2:10am GMT / 7:40am IST / 10:10am SGT / 1:10pm AEDT

    Were you just appointed to a new role as the legal operations leader and don’t know where to get started? Is your organization looking to create this role in the near future? You are not alone. Hear from Rachita Maker, Vice President of Legal Operations at Tata Communications on how she defined her role just like you. She will discuss ways to navigate through the new role, how to create a strategy, implement your plan, and execute your vision in your first year.

    During this session, we will discuss how to:
    - Prepare for a 30, 60, and 90-day plan
    - Develop a legal operations vision and strategy roadmap
    - Define your legal operations organization structure
    - Create legal operations priorities for the first year

    Rachita Maker
    VP of Legal Operations at Tata Communications
  • 6:10pm - 6:55pm PT
    Breakout Session by Corporate Legal Team - To Be Announced
    5:15pm EST / 10:15pm GMT / 3:45am IST / 6:15am SGT / 9:15am AEDT
  • 6:55pm - 7:05pm PT
    Closing Remarks by Mary O’Carroll, CLOC President & Betsi Roach, CLOC Executive Director
    9:55pm EST / 2:55am GMT / 8:25aam IST / 10:55am SGT / 1:55pm AEDT
    Mary O’Carroll
    Director of Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy at Google