Conference Webinar Series

Introduction to the Aerospace Tech Week Conference Webinars

Following the canellation of Aerospace Tech Week 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are delighted to offer a series of short presentations from some of the scheduled speakers from the event.
Sessions in this Aerospace Tech Week 2020
  • The Digital Twin in an MRO World - Hugh Review, Ubisense
  • Attaining High Assurance for FACEā„¢ Software: a DO-178C Perspective - AdaCore
  • Meetings GADSS ADT with a Crash Survivable ELT(DT) - Orolio
  • Satisfying CAST-32A Multicore Timing Analysis for DO-178C Projects - Rapita Systems
  • Considerations for Testing on GPGPUs in a Safety Critical Environment - Core AVI
  • Potential Use Of Software Renderer As GPU Backup - ENSCO
  • Multicore Processors for Safety Critical Avionics - DDC-I
  • Maintenance Predictive As A Service - Air France KLM
  • Bringing data science into the cockpit - Safety Line
  • Developing Portable and Reusable Avionics Applications - Ansys
  • Strategies to Cut Down Costs While Improving Quality - Testia
  • Was your MRO training worth it? - Management & Excellence
  • Advanced software failure diagnosis for mission-critical systems-Undo
  • Be the Disrupter - Vertical Aerospace
  • Reusable Software Component and Safety and Security Certifications - LDRA
  • Common Pitfalls of Aerospace Supply Chains - LOKAD
  • Use of Blockchain in MRO - Authenticiti
  • Bringing In-Flight Connectivity up to speed - OneWeb, George Nicola
  • Improving systems test coverage by automated testing and fault injection with Digital Twins - Wind River
  • Satellite Communications - From Niche to Mainstream - GateHouse Telecom
  • Is the Future of Avionics Autonomous? - Wind River
  • Avionics Testing - Adding Efficiency, Increasing Revenue - airplus
  • From Idea to Implemented - AireXpert, Andy Hakes
  • Optimizing Avionics Software Development/Certification per DO-178C - AFuzion