Aerospace Tech Week Introduction to Certified Training Courses
Introduction to the Aerospace Tech Week Training Webinars
Following the canellation of Aerospace Tech Week 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are providing a series of short webinars from AFuzion, intriducing the Certified Training Courses available during Aerospasce Tech Week 2021 in Toulouse on 24th-26th March 2021.
Sessions in this Intro to Training
  • Optimizing Avionics Software Development/Certification per DO-178C - AFuzion
  • Understanding Aviation Cyber-Security per DO-326A / ED-202A Set - AFuzion
  • Applying Model Based Development (MBD) per DO-331 - AFuzion
  • Best Practices for Aircraft/Avionics System Development per ARP4754A - AFuzion